Fxck love- Man whose girlfriend showed him ‘pepper’ sadly declares he won’t love again

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An unidentified man has sadly declared that he will never fall in love again after a sudden heartbreak inflicted on him by his girlfriend.

In a video he uploaded on Instagram, the hurting man mentioned that he would never want to fall in love again since it is so foolish.

He went ahead to destroy a picture frame that has the two of them together during their heydays. He shared the video online saying; ”Love is very stupid. I don’t want to love again. Fxxk love.”

Similarly, a video of a teenage girl who is probably not up to 16 years of age crying uncontrollably after her boyfriend ‘packed her somewhere’ surfaced on the internet not too long.

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The girl who was clearly bruised emotionally could not maintain her composure as she sent her heartfelt message to her boyfriend to have mercy on her in between her sobs.

She said she never knew confronting him over her suspicion that he was cheating on her will escalate into this situation while mentioning that she was merely joking when she queried him.

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The young lady said if she knew this would have been the outcome, she wouldn’t have bothered monitoring him.

She asked for forgiveness from him promising never to do that again. She ultimately asked him to come back to him so their blossoming relationship could continue.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com


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