Ga Mantse pushes for Greater Accra to be renamed Ga-Adangbe Region

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The Ga Mantse, Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, is seeking President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s support to rename the Greater Accra Region the Ga-Adangbe Region.

Speaking at a meeting during President Akufo-courtesy Addo’s call, the chief stated that the proposal is intended to help further unify Ga state.

The Ga Mantse also asked the President to intervene in what he described as the gradual phasing out of the Ga Adange language in the region’s schools.

“This is part of the effort towards the consolidation and unification of the Ga state. Your assistance in this regard will be appreciated by us.”

“The Ga language has been threatened in recent years. Indeed, many schools do not teach Ga anymore in the Greater Accra Region.”

“Today, it is a big threat to our very existence and our culture because we evolve from it. We are asking that teachers that are trained to teach Ga to be posted to our Ga communities,” he said.


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