Gardener impregnates three biological sisters 

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A young gardener has impregnated three biological sisters in Kenya.

According to the reports shared by influencer Tayor, the young ladies who had strict parents always kept them indoors without giving them the chance to mingle with their colleagues or neighbors.

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The three sisters however became close to the gardener of the house and started getting close to him and eventually slept with the gardener without the knowledge of their strict parents until they got pregant.

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The share of the story wrote, “The Christian Parents were shocked that their daughters were pregnant despite being strict on them. But when they inquired who was responsible, their honest response caused the mother to faint.”

“It was further revealed the garden boy started sleeping with the second born and after they were caught by the firstborn, she demanded that she be helped in order for her not to report to the girls’ tough and strict parents but in the process, the last born also saw what was happening and demanded to also sleep with the garden boy if she has to keep secret.

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In the end, all three sisters got pregnant by the same man. The sisters have since given birth and their parents have accepted the fate after intense counseling and blamed themselves for being too strict towards their daughters. This is how life treats people sometimes who are tough and strict towards girl children because na them dey bad pass.”


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