Gary Pettis Biography, Career, Wife, Siblings

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It is quite a common practice for sportspeople who have played the game for years, to engage in coaching once their playing career comes to an end; it appears to be the norm these days, and for Gary Pettis, playing in the Major Baseball League for 11 seasons gives him the required skills to thrive as a coach. Who is the coach’s wife and who are his siblings?

In this article, our attention is on the former baseball player and how his career panned out, and as we cannot conclude without mentioning the woman that supports him through thick and thin, we shall talk about his wife and the siblings that he grew up with.

If you have no idea who Gary Pettis is, you would learn all there is to know about him in this article. One appeal to you: Read on. Who is Gary Pettis?

Gary Pettis Biography

Gary Pettis
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Gary George Pettis, a former centre fielder in professional baseball and current instructor, was born in the United States on April 3, 1958.

He is the Houston Astros’ third base coach. He played in Major League Baseball for 11 seasons before turning to coaching, during which time he five times won the Gold Glove Award.

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Playing consistently for eleven seasons is no child’s play and Gary Pettis has certainly seen it all. How did his career go?

Who are Gary Pettis siblings? Does he have any siblings? Well let’s find out who Gary Pettis siblings are.

Gary Pettis Siblings

Gary Pettis siblings aren’t too many as he has just one sibling–Lynn Pettis. Unlike Gary, we did not find much information about Lynn Pettis, but it appears Lynn Pettis is also a sportsperson, just like his brother.


Gary has had a long career with a lot of accomplishments. It is why he has become popular and everyone wants to know who he is.

Let’s take a look at how Gary Pettis career panned out over the eleven seasons that he has been playing.

Pettis played minor league baseball for the Holyoke Millers of the double “A” Eastern League in 1981 after being selected by the Angels in the sixth round of the 1979 draft.

In 1980, he played for the Salinas Spurs of the class “A” California League. Pettis spent the first six seasons of his career with the California Angels after being promoted to them in 1982.

Pettis played for the Detroit Tigers from 1988 through the next season of 1989 after the 1987 campaign. Pettis spent two years with Detroit before joining the Texas Rangers in 1990 and 1991.

In 1992, Gary Pettis retired from playing in the major leagues. He joined the San Diego Padres for the 1992 season after leaving the Texas Rangers, but he finished the year back in Detroit with the Tigers.

Achievements As a Player

Gary Pettis

We have seen how Gary Pettis career panned out but what did he achieve in all those long years of playing the game? Let’s find that out.

Pettis had a career-long low average and a reputation for striking out a lot, but his outstanding defensive play earned him five Gold Glove Awards.

In baseball circles, he was referred to as “The man who made center field look easy” for his several spectacular leaping or diving catches that denied batters of home runs or base hits.

He was also a gifted base stealer, having five seasons in which he stole more than 40 bases. For nearly 20 years, Pettis held the club record for stolen bases for the Angels before Chone Figgins broke it on July 15, 2007.

In 1986, a listener call-in competition on a local radio station gave Pettis the nickname “Pac Man” in reference to his exceptional outfield speed and propensity for chasing down opponents’ hits.

In all these years of struggle, Gary Pettis wife was with him, so who is this woman that got married to the coach? Let’s talk about Gary Pettis wife now, shall we?

Peggy Pettis

Gary Pettis wife is Peyy Pettis. Peggy Pettis, Gary Pettis wife, is an American former cheerleader for the Las Vegas Raiderette. And, just like Lynn Pettis, Peggy Pettis does not have much information online as many know her only because she is the wife of the former baseball player and now coach, Gary.

The four kids Pettis has are Paige, Kyler, Shaye, and Dante.

While attending the University of Washington, Dante, a wide receiver for the Chicago Bears, set the NCAA record for most punt return touchdowns in a career.

As a cast member of the NBC daytime program ‘Days of Our Lives’, Kyler is an actor.

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