Gary Speed wife: Meet Louise Speed

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Gary Speed’s widow Louise has been left heartbroken for a second time when her new spouse Quinton Bird died after suffering from a brain tumor, it has discovered.

Louise and the property developer had married a little more than a year earlier in December 2021, a decade after the death of Wales football hero Speed.

But Quinton died just six months later after suffering with an aggressive brain cancer, the Daily Mail writes, having been diagnosed more than two years earlier. The duo had been business partners for six years at the time of their weddings and were both directors of thriving new build and refurbishment firm Bow Property Development in Chester.

Meet Louise Speed, Gary Speed’s wife

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In July, Quinton’s father Roy, 80, who arranges an annual Hi-Fi trade expo in the north-west called the UK Audio Show, dedicated the 2022 event to his oldest son and announced that a portion of ticket sales for the October event will be given to the Brain Tumour Charity.

Writing movingly, Roy said: “[My wife] Jenny and I have been blessed with two kind and generous kids who have developed into amazing dads and hard-working persons. Over the years, they established a broad spectrum of friendships and were never short of employment. Both have worked with me amicably, which has been a rare personal delight.

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“To lose one of them at such a young age is beyond words. Thanks to Quinton, Jenny, Justin, our six gorgeous grandkids, two daughters-in-law, and I am left with a treasure of wonderful and remarkable memories.”

Louise’s connection with Quinton was uncovered after she earlier told the newspaper in a rare interview that she had found pleasure and joy with a new boyfriend. After the loss of childhood boyfriend Gary, who took his own life in 2011, Louise stated she had built up a layer of armour.

Gary Speed wife
Gary Speed wife

November 27, 2021, marks a decade since the Wales manager and former captain died at 42. Louise had discovered Gary dead in the garage of their house in 2011, where he had hung himself. A coroner recorded a narrative verdict, stating there wasn’t sufficient evidence to indicate he meant to commit suicide and that his death may have been an accident.

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“It was like being in the worst nightmare conceivable,” she had stated. “There were no responses and no Gary going through the door again. Nothing was ever going to be right again. I was plodding through life, simply functioning. If I could have been anyone else except from myself, for a long period, I would have cheerfully accepted it.

“But we are 10 years on now. It’s a cliché but time is a healer even if it takes years. I have realized that life can be nice again, can be great again.”

She remarked of her current relationship, “I don’t believe you move on the same.” “I’m smarter. I’m more confident now. I prefer to wear body armor so I can’t be wounded again. As we move through life, many things happen, and I believe I handle them well today. Nothing frightens me now.

“I don’t know whether that armor grew over time or if I wore it on purpose. It’s there today but wasn’t 10 years ago. I seek life’s protection. I don’t want that again. “Hope that’s clear.”

Louise wore a white lace gown with beautiful design on the sleeves and train for the couple’s 2021 wedding, which was adorned with white hydrangeas and flowers.


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