Gas explosion survivor shares photos showing her beautiful transformation in six months

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Identified as shuribby, the young woman revealed that the was a victim of a gas explosion in her home six months ago; back in 2021.

Her post which has since awed netizens, read;

”November 2nd 2021

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May 2nd 2022”, she captioned the photos.

When a Twitter user @Oprahkayy asked; Omg what happened?

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Shuri said; I survived a gas explosion at home

Previously shared on is a lady with incredible b00bs who took over the internet as seen in mouthwatering photos shared on Instagram.

The disproportionate boobs have succeeded in catching a lot of men’s attention as they drool over her evidenced in the comments shared in the comment section of the post.

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Significantly, her poise and confidence have been singled out for praise. We obtained the images from the Instagram page of Van De Maestro.

See below and hit the slide for more;


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