Gay Rights Activist, Bisi Alimi, Says He’s A Product Of S£x Not God’s Creation

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Gay Right Activist, Bisi Alimi, Says He's A Product Of S£x Not God's Creation

Popular Nigerian gay right activists, Bisi Alimi has referred to himself as a product of s£x after a fan told him he’s God’s creation.

He took to his Instagram story during a question and answering session with his followers and a follower referred to him as a creator of God when asking if the creator hates him for being gay.

The fan asked, “Do you think that your creator (God) hates you for being gay?”.

In his reaction, Bisi emphasized that God is not his creator noting that he’s a product of s£x hence doesn’t have a creator.

He said, “I don’t have a creator. My mother had sex with my father and I was conceived and given birth to. I am product of sex and not of creation”.

He has however disclosed in a separate post on Twitter that he used to be a pastor who disliked gay people but when asked why he changed he stated that he decided to be himself after he attempted suicide at the age of 17 years

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