George Lutterodt in Trouble And Here Is How

Counselor George Lutterodt has gained notoriety for passing volatile comments on any topical issue in the country especially that of relationship and sex. Some notable TV and radio stations have sought his services to discuss pertinent issues in that regard.

However many see him as a nuisance who should not be given the widespread recognition he is getting now. His most recent comment about Victora Lebene seems to be what has angered quite a number of Ghanaians who think he ought to be shove into his proper place.

One of such persons is Nii Aryee who has taken to social media to start campaign to have the counsellor barred from radio and TV.

The young man wrote; “Hello, my name is Nii Aryee, an everyday Ghanaian young man. Anytime I sit down and listen to Counsellor Lutterodt speak on radio when he is given the platform to speak on issues concerning marriage and relationships, he says nothing useful. Counsellor Lutterodt has spewed very ridiculous and hateful statements about Ghanaian men and women.
He even goes as far as meddling in the private love lives and affairs of Ghanaian celebrities and passes very unsavoury comments. It is improper for him to be on Ghanaian public airwaves making the comments he makes.

The language Mr. Lutterodt uses is demeaning to women and men, and families should not have to hear it over the radio. Not anymore.

Enough is enough with this loud mouthed, often misinformed so-called Counsellor.”

Perhaps this will make the counselor tone down a little bit because he is taking his unorthodox counselling a bit too far.



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