Georgina Onuoha Disappointed In Evangelist Mike Bamiloye For Asking Single Sisters Not To Join Feminist Groups

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Nigerian actress, Georgina Onuoha has registered her disappointed in Evangelist Mike Bamiloye for admonishing single sisters not to join any feminist group which will make them lose what God had planned for them.

As we reported yesterday, Evangelist Bamiloye believes that any single lady who desires to join a feminist group should consider abandoning that thought as it will make them lose God’s will for their lives.

The Evangelist also admonished married women not to join them because they too could end up having problems in their marriages as these feminists are likely to pitch them against their husbands thereby bringing problems.

The Evangelists’ thoughts appeared to have irked actress Georgina Onuoha who decided to react by showing her disappointment.

In a relatively long Instagram post, Georgina Onuoha lamented why women are often seen as commodities in the market rather than humans with rights in Nigeria.

Georgina Onuoha believes that such teachings by men of God are the reasons why women in Nigerian refuse to speak out because such words dim their light as they cling on to messages like this from their pastor.

Georgina wrote on her IG page;

These are the kind of teachings and preaching from men of God that are suppose to be spiritual leaders are teaching Nigerians, yet we wonder why women in Nigeria are seen as commodities, properties and are constantly abused by the society. Yet this same pastor has enjoyed the dividends of feminism because we all watched his wife growing up as a part of his ministry.
I hope someone tells him that his wife being able to have a voice and be part of his production is the textbook definition of feminism.

I pray he understands that his daughters are as important as his sons and as such should be treated equally and accordingly.

It is teachings like this that has dimmed the light of so many women in Nigeria, because they cling to the words of their pastors while denying themselves the abilities to attain their full potential.

Demanding equal pay, same respect, right to lead and be heard is not a sin..
The Bible never taught any of us that.
So many pastors continue to take advantage of the scriptures, perverting it to soothe their own fragile masculinity.

Women, demand what is due you, honor your father and husband but never let anyone tell you you are not enough not even your pastors.

Any woman wanting To claim head of the family is sick upstairs, hence the head can not stand without the neck.
If you are a man or woman that wants his or her daughter to be treated differently because of her gender.. raise up your hand ??..
It is because of such teachings that our girls and women have been reduced to kayamata.

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