Get Familiar With Asantewaa’s Biological Brother Who Features In Her Tiktok Videos(+VIDEOS)

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For the past few weeks, Tiktok star Asantewaa has been all over the news after it was alleged that she was sleeping with her manager Cassious.

She was seen kissing, smooching and playing with her manager which made people question her loyalty to her husband.

Some people even assumed that Cassious was her brother while others also thought he was her  husband. In order to get rid of doubts in people’s mind, Asantewaa posted a video of her husband to mark their anniversary. Cassious on the other hand also posted a video of his wife to prove to his haters that his relationship with Asantewaa was strictly professional.

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Anyway for those who don’t know Asantewaa’s brother, here is a small highlight about him.

He is called Dwamena and he has TikTok most videos on tiktkok with Asantewaa. His username on Tiktok is Kayverli. Some ladies have tagged him a womaniser because of how handsome he is.He  has however denied the rumours.

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Check out some of his videos below;

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