Get familiar with chef Sunny, the assistant of chef Hilda Baci who was with her throughout the competition

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Chef Sunny, whose real name is Ajom Sunday Okwe, the assistant chef to Hilda Baci, has earned the admiration of Nigerians for his unwavering support for his boss during the Cook-a-thon.

Since the beginning of the cooking marathon on May 11th, Sunday has been at Hilda’s side, encouraging and assisting his boss on the quest for the longest cooking time.

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Chef Sunday’s emotional and physical assistance to Chef Hilda has won him the hearts of many Nigerians, who have praised him for his dedication.

Reacting a social media user identified as @senior_sley wrote, “Congratulations Hilda Baci. Let’s not forget that there was this guy who is not winning the prize but made the sacrifices with her to see her dream come true. He did the time with her but without a prize. Cheers for your support, Chef Sunday! We all need a Sunday in our lives.”

Another user @sazzywithvibes wrote, “Look at this picture what do you see? I see support system. While we celebrate our star girl let’s also give her assistant Chef Sunday his flowers. If you have been following this Cook-athon, you will observe that Sunny was always supporting Hilda emotionally and physically also.”

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@JIretiayoade said “I can’t stop thinking about cChefSunday with Hilda. We all need that person that refuses to be tired! Carry us even when we almost can’t believe in ourselves. I hope people acknowledge the village that broke the record with her.


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