Get “Unhealthy” Sarfo Newman Some Blood Tonic And Good Food Before He Dies- Management Advised

Management of Sarfo Newman has been advised to ensure they give the sensation musician good food and blood tonic as soon as possible.

According to a concerned Ghanaian lady, the musician looks “unhealthy” and should be attended to.

The lady in a viral video has said that if it is not that the musician is sick, then the management should make sure they give him some good food and blood tonic.

She added that even if the musician has some health problems, management should ensure they get him some good doctors to attend to him.

“This is something most people want to say but are afraid to say it. Those close to him, if the boy is not sick then try to get him food. If I say food I don’t mean rice or tea. Even if it is blood tonic that you will give him to enable him to eat better give him”, she said.

“I have waited patiently waiting for someone to bring this up but it seems nobody is ready to talk about it. This is not hatred or jealousy, the nail should be hit at the right head. The guy does not look healthy. If he is to perform on a stage the probability that he will fall and die is very high”, she added.

She concluded that even if her services would be needed as far as the provision of good food is concerned then she is ever ready to support the young musician.

“If you think getting him good food is a problem then give his number to me. As for food, I can cook for him to eat. When he looks good, I can even get married to him. He does not look healthy. Get him food to eat”, she concluded.

Reacting to the video, Ghanaians have fired some shots at the concerned Ghanaian lady.

According to them, what the lady is saying makes no sense, hence, the need for the young musician and his management to sweep it under the canopy.

“This is not fun. Why are you making fun of someone’s natural body? Haven’t you been to school?”, a netizen wrote.

“Yoo yati wai “sister healty” we will get him some fake hair and make up 👏”, another netizen wrote.

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