Getting Married After 30 As A Woman Doesn’t Make You A Failure, Don’t Let Anyone Rush You – Moesha Buduong

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A lot of people are under pressure to impress their friends, family and as a result they tend to go into relationships with people they don’t even like.

Well, Moesha Buduong who has become a motivational speaker has reiterated that there is not timeline to be successful in any aspect in life.

According to the curvaceous actress, a lot of people are under stress to impress others which shouldn’t be the case.

She added that getting married after 30 years as a woman Shouldn’t be a big deal and at the same time finishing school early or late isn’t a big deal either.

” Getting your first degree after 21 is still an achievement. Being married after 30 is still beautiful. Starting a family after 35 is still possible. Buying a house after 40 is still a Boss move. Don’t let people rush you into their timelines.” She wrote on Instagram.

Moesha Buduong recently announced her intentions of getting married soon.

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