GH TikToker about to die from the curses of colleague – GH Mouthpiece

Ghanaian socialite and former radio presenter at Kingdom FM GH Mouthpiece has said that a TikTor star is about to die from curses laid on her by a colleague in the industry.

Gh Mouthpiece has disclosed that some Ghanaian TikTokers are not on good terms and have been on each other’s necks.

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In a video sighted on social media, GH Mouthpiece stated that most TikTokers have been laying curses on each other. She narrated a dream she had where a TikTok star out of the other influencers died.

According to her, a TikTok star has lied against a fellow colleague who also laid curses on the TikTok star over the false accusations.

GH Mouthpiece has advised the TikTok star to go backdoor to render an apology to the colleague over the false accusation leveled against the other colleague. She emphasized that if the TikToker refuses to render an apology, the curses placed on him/her will manifest soon.

GH Mouthpiece said she’s “really scared” the dream could manifest because she has had similar revelations which resulted in the demise of her own mother and other relatives.

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