Ghana-born British soldier who sued for £1.6m after an injury fined £70,000 for being ‘dishonest’

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According to a Graphic Online report, a High Court in Britain has sentenced a former British soldier to pay legal expenses in excess of £70,000 after he sought to falsely claim £1.6 million from the Ministry of Defense (MoD) by claiming to be gravely crippled and hypersensitive to the cold.

Ghanaian-born Michael Mantey, 39, who served in the Royal Engineers, sued the Ministry of Defense on the grounds that trench foot he contracted while on duty in Estonia in 2017 left him unable to walk without help.

Mantey dropped his complaint after the MoD found a video of him wearing sandals and walking without a cane.

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While Mantey had certainly suffered a cold injury, the MoD contended that it had healed and that he had been “deliberately malingering” in an effort to obtain a big settlement.

Judge Mr Justice Eyre agreed, stating that Mantey’s claim had been “fundamentally dishonest”.


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