Ghana guys don’t want me to sleep because of my hot curves – Actress laments (+ video

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Apparently the precious minerals of our time are big buttocks, big boobs and curvy hips. Ladies in possession of these minerals have everything easy especially when it comes to employment.

This is because gone are the days when our television were flooded with talented and well-informed broadcasters but not today!

Slay queens have taken over the media space with zero talent throwing tantrums here and there whereas their managers sit there aloof. For all you know, they used their precious minerals to acquire the job.

Errm, there’s this lady who claims to be an actress who is fortunate enough to have all the above-mentioned precious minerals but it looks like they’re becoming a curse to her.

Vera, a budding actress

In an exclusive interview with Fante Quoo of Inside Prime Page tv, the actress identified as Vera made it emphatic that guys are giving her tough time largely due to her curvaceous body.

She cited how a guy embarrassed her sometime ago because he footed her hospital bills. Recounting her ordeal, Vera mentioned that the good Samaritan wanted to chop her because he paid for her bills.

Watch interview:


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