Ghana Music Awards Is A Waste Of Time & This IS WHY!

The Ghana Music Award has been labeled as the biggest entertainment show in the annals of our music, which is somewhat factual until recently when the credibility of the show has come under intense scrutiny.

Before Theresa Ayaode and her cohorts clutched on this enterprise, Ghanaian musicians were acknowledged through the ACRAG (Arts Critics and Reviewers Association Of Ghana) and SAMA (Sunshine Arts, Music Achievers Awards) music awards. Without any shred of doubt, the Ghana Music Awards came to inject doses of flamboyance and prestige into our award schemes. Put simply, there was a new lease of renewed energy in our entertainment industry.

Years down the lane, the event is not getting better but downtrodden. It has always been fraught with poor organization and controversies galore. The nominees were just released last week and predictably controversies rocked it one more time. A group of ignorant people who pride themselves as expert could not differentiate between hiplife and hiphop and went ahead to conduct faulty categorization, unbelievably practically sixteen years after the birth of the VGMA. Teephlow’s nominations which were later revoked is a clear testament of the incompetence of the panel members.

But I even go further; I want to know one thing. Do these event organizers, herein Charter House watch foreign award shows, for instance the BET awards? From the organization to the performance, everything is just flawless.

Admittedly major international are not devoid of hullabaloo but what we have here is a sham but of course it will take a long a time for musicians to realize this. It’s an open secret that Ghanaians are really obsessed with awards. If I were to organize one tomorrow without any established reputation, I would be inundated with lots of entries awaiting decoration.

Kwabena Kwabena, Criss Waddle, Shatta Wale and a couple of A-class artistes have complained bitterly about the standard and modus operandi of the award scheme but we interpret their posture as demeaning.

The show itself like I mentioned earlier, is deficient in quality.

The technical aspect should be really looked and the selection process more simplified.

Another area of concern is foreign artistes who come down to perform. How on earth are they paid huge amount as opposed to the ‘peanuts’ our artiste get? Sarkodie’s snub from the ceremony is still fresh in our memory, isn’t it?

And one more thing: lots of DJs in this country are very ridiculous. What do they stand to get when they take payola and promote unworthy songs which ultimately get the attention of the VGMA board? Good songs with literally good packages are relegated to the background at the expense of junk songs and Nigerian songs that does nothing to promote our identity as Ghanaians.

Chase was right when he said if a monkey releases a song and it becomes popular, it would be awarded ahead of his song which is laden with good content. Until we remedy these avoidable lapses and accept VGMA as a true representation of awards, then we shouldn’t waste out time on it at all.


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