Ghana Music Is Not Known Internationally Comparably To Nigerian Music – Kwesi Arthur

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Going international is no cheap talk, as exhibited by many Ghanaian artistes, mostly in their talk and in their songs. In the small thinking capacity of most of our artistes, performing to a crowd on a foreign platform (Ghanaian communities in America and Europe) alone makes one an internationally recognized artiste. But that is a fallacious and suicidal thinking by our Ghanaian acts.

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For clarity sake, getting endorsement from highly revered international media, attaining mention by major international music connoisseurs and critics, courting the attention of international labels and music promoters and garnering recognition amongst international music fiends – makes you a full-blown international act.

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Well, budding Ghanaian rapper based in Tema, Kwesi Arthur has stated categorically that regardless of all the noise Ghanaian musicians make ends up here – Ghana. Acording to him, Ghana music as well as the musicians are not recognised internationally comaparably to our Nigerain counterparts. To him, he experienced this during his short stay in LA at the just ended BET awards show.

“Ghana music is lost when making reference to international recognition comaparably to Nigerain music. At LA during the BET awards, i found out that people dont know us (Ghana music and the artistes), but the Nigerians are out there bruv. I went to some joint in LA and I didn’t hear any Ghanaian song being played except some Nigerain tunes. Seriously, it is as if we are not doing music at all”, Kwesi Arthur revealed this in an interview with Emcee Bebe on Cape 93.3 FM.

The host of Cape FM’s Entertainment Xtra, Emcee Bebe who was shocked at Kwesi Arthur’s words inquired from him what they’re doing wrong as musicians that is not helping them to make waves at the international front.

“Well, we have to keep on working hard as Ghanaian musicians.There’s more room for improvement but hardworking is the key”, Kwesi Arthur added.

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On records, Kwesi Arthur became a household name in 2017 when “Grind Day” song off his “Live Fron Nkrumah Krom” EP was consumed by majority of music enthusiasts. Since then, he’s always tipped as one of the future of Ghana Hip-Hop/Rap music.

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