Ghana needs a civilian revolutionary, not Mahama who sent Ghana to IMF – Lawyer William Kusi

The nation needs a citizen revolutionary to overcome its problems, according to private legal practitioner William Kusi.

Under President Akufo-Addo, Ghana’s economy has been on a downward spiral. High inflation has brought the country under the supervision of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Some Ghanaians, including the opposition New Democratic Party (NDC) headed by former President John Mahama, believe that their policies would improve the country’s economy if they come to power in 2024.

While many Ghanaians are looking to John Mahama to address the country’s economic woes, Attorney William Kusi does not agree.

It was in 2012, he says, when the Ghanaian people entrusted Mahama with the responsibility of serving their interests, but he was unable to fulfill this mandate.

For the sake of the nation, attorney William Kusi asks all Ghanaians to bear with the present difficulties. There must be someone inside the New Patriotic Party (NPP) who can clean up this mess, in his opinion.

“Whoever NPP will elect as flagbearer can change the economic crisis we are facing now more than bringing back John Mahama as president.”

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“That person can change it better than John Mahama because we saw him and how he governed Ghana. So if the nation has broken down and you want someone to fix it, do need to bring in someone who will fail, what kind of logic is that?”

“NPP can stabilize the economy so let’s endure the pain so that we will wait for the new man to come and reverse it. He’s coming not as the old known politician but that person should be a civilian revolutionary who will come with fresh ideas.” He said.



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