Ghana Police expose the new trick used by car snatchers and robbers to steal and snatch people’s cars at events

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Ghana Police service has released a memo alerting Ghanaians of the new trick used by robbers and car snatchers to steal from people and snatch their cars at an event.

It has become synonymous with car owners who attend big events when their car numbers are announced to attend to them immediately, probably to park well.

According to the Ghana Police, this has now become the easiest way for car snatchers to snatch people’s cars without going through the hassle of doing it the conventional way.

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In the memo released by the Ghana Police, these car snatchers send an announcement to be made that certain with the mentioned registration number has blocked their car or the way.

With the announcement being made, the unsuspecting car owner usually walks out with their car keys to attend to their cars and make way for whoever they are blocking.

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This is where the car snatchers and robbers take advantage and snatch your cars or rob you of your valuables in one of the coolest manners.

They have, therefore, cautioned the general public to be weary of this trick used by these car snatchers and robbers.

Read the memo below to know more;

Source: GhBase

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