Ghana: Six ladies dating the same man join forces to scatter his secret wedding

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A recently married man has been exposed after it came to light that he is an alleged womanizer who is still dating six ladies who on their blind side are dating a married man.

The bride who is married to the accused is facing the most difficult times of her life her new husband was exposed as a womanizer by a therapist.

Shortly after their wedding came to an end over the weekend, it emerged that the guy is an alleged womanizer who was dating 6 ladies at the same time and even held the secret wedding without their knowledge.

A therapist who has been counselling one of the heartbroken ladies came out to drop details of how the guy was dating several ladies at once, at the same time that he was preparing to marry one of them.

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He was apparently so slick that he had different hideouts to stay with the different ladies and they never found out about each other.

The therapist has therefore exposed the guy and warned him to come and apologize to her client he hurt or she would drop more evidence about their affair which would destroy his new marriage.

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Read the account of the therapist below;

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