Ghanaian and Tanzanians on Twitter fights over Patapaa’s ‘Scopatumana’ (Screenshots)

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Controversial Hiplife musician Patapaa went viral again back in February after featuring on the song Daavi Ne Ba by Kawoula Biov. The song which was released in February this year gained popularity after Patapaa’s verse went viral.

The rap by Patapaa consisted of the word ‘Scopatumana’ which spawned a challenge on social media with people trying to rap the lines.

This trend which was termed as the Skopatumana Challenge. Skopatumana is one of the words Patapaa is heard using in his verse on the song.

However, there’s a seeming war which has sparked between Ghanaians and Tanzanians on social media all because of Patapaa’s viral ‘Scopatumana’ catchphrase.

It all started after one Tanzanian guy tweeted that the term is a lexicon in their language and originates from Swahili.

The guy wrote; “Swahili word ‘Sco pa tu manaa’ to the world, proudly Tanzanian.. .proudly Swahili.”

His tweet garnered anger from some Ghanaians who came across his post and decided to give him a fair share of the Ghanaian crazy mentality.

However, some were quick to tell him it’s a fabricated lie because the word does not even exist but just a creative of Patapaa from Ghana who coined it. The Tanzanians were asked to do a simple Google search and see where the word comes and whom it’s attributed to.

Recall that Patapaa’s Scopatumana (variant spelling- Skopatumana) has even found its way into two digital dictionaries.

The website further attributes the origin of the word to Patapaa, who is well-known for couching catchy terms in his songs.

“Sco pa tu mana is a nonsense phrase made popular by a rap by the Ghanaian musician Patapaa. The phrase inspired the Skopatumana Challenge, where people post videos of themselves rapping Patapaa’s lyrics,” it reads.

See the screenshots below:

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