Ghanaian caretaker demands over 44,253ghc before she gives house to owner

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A Ghanaian caretaker is demanding 44,253.29ghc from the owner of a property in order to leave the building she has lived in since 2016.

Afi Doku1 alleges in a Facebook post that the money is partially an accumulation of all her expenses over the six years on the building.

She even demands that the building’s owner pay her 500ghc every month starting in 2016, when she moved there.

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“A family (abroad) let out their property to a Caretaker in Ghana to occupy from January 2016 (6yrs this). The person has been living in the house since 2016 freely without paying any rent as a caretaker, and was told to even Rent part of the house and use the rent for herself. Property location in in Sakumono, Tema,” Afi Doku1 said on her personal blog, Community Project.

She stated that the building’s owner and family had returned from overseas and wish to move there but must first pay off a hefty debt.

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“The Family has come back to Ghana, and wants to occupy their house. “Caretaker has been informed and given some time to move out.

“Caretaker now says she is demanding a monthly Caretaker allowance of 500gh per month dating back from 2016 (37,000gh) plus she has incurred some expenses (7,000gh) in maintaining the house all totalling 44,000gh +. The caretaker says the Family should pay her this amount before she moves out. These expenses was without the knowledge of the Family (House Owner).

“Meanwhile before she was given the house to live in and occupy and act as caretaker, no agreement of whatsoever was agreed that she would be paid a Caretaker monthly allowance.

“Again, she was required to report any damage, repairs or alterations to the Family before any such change or maintenance can be made. This means even it is True that she has incurred some 7,000gh maintenance cost, she didn’t inform the Family before doing such thing and the Family has no knowledge about it.”

Afi Doku1 sought the views of her followers to deal with the situation amicably.

“Is there any law in Ghana that can empower a caretaker to behave as such? I want your views, opinions or the way forward to handle such matter legally and peacefully. Attached is the Caretaker demands,” she asked.

Many of her followers reacted to the article, giving their own stories and reasons why they would never let a caregiver live in their home.

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