Ghanaian ladies who are lazy keep multiple partners – Dzifa Sweetness

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Dzifa Sweetness

Sex Coach, Dzifa Sweetness believes that women especially that of Ghanaian ladies who keep multiple partners are lazy.

On e.TV Ghana’s ‘In Bed with Adwen’ show, she envisaged that it is not only prost!tutes who give s3x in exchange for financial rewards.

“The reason why people keep multiple partners, especially women is that they are too lazy to fend for themselves; so they keep numerous sex partners to fund their frivolous lifestyles. They have sex with several men so they can buy expensive hair, shoes, dresses and other fashion accessories’’ she said.

She also said that there are mental health consequences of having multiple sex partners.

“Women who can keep track of and keep in touch with alternative romantic prospects are not mentally stable. They lie to their different partners and it affects them, they tend to shy away from public places because of the fear that they will be found out. Having multiple sexual partners also exposes one to deadly STIs and STDs’’ she said.

But in her best knowledge and experience in the game for the past years, Dzifa Sweetness noted that men keep multiple partners because of their insatiable lust.

“For some men, it is lust that pushes them to have several partners, for other men, the constant nagging of their spouses can push them into keeping multiple partners’’ she stated.

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