He dumped me because of my English- Ghanaian lady reduced to tears after breakup

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A Ghanaian woman, Nahnah Efya has revealed in a post that her man dumped her because of her bad English.

Efya took to the popular Facebook page Inna Real Life to say her boyfriend decided to end their relationship owing to her lack of grasp and proficiency in the Queen’s Language.

She however insisted she does not care about this unfortunate news as she has moved on already.

She wrote:

He left me because of English But I can’t wasn’t care

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See a few reactions to her post;

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Isaac K Parker: “He will curse you if you call him to apologise in english”

Franca Enam: “And English wept😭😭” As If: “If care wasn’t can’t, left English period 🤣🙏🏿”

Wisdom Klenam Endtime Nkansah: “And then English left too”

Previously shared on www.Ghbase.com was a video reinforcing why one should always safeguard his safety at all times and never trust friends has emerged.

In the video, a young man while in the company of his friends was nearly poisoned when he excused himself briefly to visit the restroom.

The footage captured the exact moment his drink was laced with a substance suspected to be poison and upon his return, he was informed about what happened.

For this reason, the one who poisoned the drink was asked to take a sip of the beverage to prove his innocence.

He was swarmed by other guys who began to film him and asked him to drink the bottle of Coca-Cola which he had poisoned if indeed he never did that. Watch video here…

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