Ghanaian Musicians Should Support Each Other – Jey Luchy

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Jey Luchy, a Ghanaian rapper and music producer has charged fellow Ghanaian musicians to unite and be supportive of each other. In his opinion, that is the only way the music industry can grow.

Speaking on the Late Nite Celebrity Show with Foster Romanus, he opined that Ghanaian the music industry is not growing because musicians do not support each other properly.

“There is more to the industry than what we are seeing today. That is why we need to put more into our music. The only way for us to achieve everything we want to, is by supporting each other,” he said.

“We need to see the music as a business. We are here to make money, we are not just here to make noise and release a few tracks. We need to make money out of the music we make and we need to treat it as such,” Jey Luchy further stated.

In his opinion, “the support we get here is not like what we see outside the country.”

To him, “artistes should sort out the issues they have with one another. And that is when we will really support each other wholeheartedly.”

Jay Luchy is not the first, and might not be the last musician to speak about the lack of unity and support among Ghanaian Musicians.



Source: e. TV Ghana

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