Ghanaian Osei Owusu Banahene To Represent Ghana At Durban International Film Festival

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When it comes to all of the great films and music videos that we enjoy, there are people we normally term as  “crew” who make it beautiful and exciting to watch.

Film makers form part of the crew and are the core to the success of any film that you watch. In Ghana, mention can be made of such great film makers who in their own way have pushed Ghana in film making.
 Osei Owusu Banahene affectionately known as “Kilos” is a Stalwart when it comes to Film making in Ghana. His rich experience in film making and undying passion for the job has earned him a place at the Durban International Film Festival, happening this year.
The 36th edition of the  Durban International Film Festival  is presented in cooperation with the Berlin International Film Festival. The five day day development program comprises of workshops and seminars for African film makers, delivered by film professionals academics and intellectual..
Osei Owusu Banahene has worked on numerous projects, the most famous was a documentary he did titled “Alligator Kid” which landed him in lots of trouble and had to be taken off the internet.
Osei Owusu was also the same person who shot and edited OJ’s “Maye s3 Mo Pen” music video . He has worked on a number of music videos  as well.  Bernie Offei’s “It’s By Grace” Daughters Of Glorious Jesus’s  “Wonnim A Ennye Yie” are just few of the many projects he’s worked on.
Watch The Music Video He Shot & Directed Below:
Osei Owusu who is a director and cinematographer also sells beautiful stock footage and photos from Ghana on Popular Stock footage Website,
He is among the lucky 40 people chosen from Africa to be at the Durban International Film Festival and would be representing Ghana.


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