Ghanaian Pastor Dag Heward Mills Roasted On Social Media For His Fake Hell Story (+Screenshots/Video)

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Lately people are beginning to question some of the things spewed out by the so-called Men of God in the name of religion. They are no longer swallowing every line hook and sinker being peddled by pastors, they subject these theories to scrutiny and that is why this famous Ghanaian pastor, Dag Heward Mills has found himself at the wrong side of their divide.

In a new video posted on Facebook by social media user Kofi Baboni, the founder and Presiding Bishop of the United Denomination tells almost a cock bull story about how one pastor from Assemblies of God went to hell accompanied by Jesus Christ.

Social media users couldn’t believe that a whole pastor could fabricate such story and throw it at his congregants (because of their gullibility of course), with one person even saying if people have issues with Obinim saying he goes to heaven to meet Jesus and stuff yet they completely believe Dag Heward’s story then they are hypocrites.

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