Ghanaian pharmacist who resigned to become a farmer now owns acres of cassava farm, shares success story 

A former student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) who later became a pharmacist, has revealed how he dumped his certificates to become a farmer. 

Identified as Frederick Yankey the young man revealed in the post that he studied Economics at KNUSR after which he became Pharmacy Administrative Assistant at Accra Psychiatric Hospital but resigned to follow his passion.

He shared his success story;

“Exactly a year ago I took a bold decision by resigning as Pharmacy Administrative Assistant (Casual) at Accra Psychiatric Hospital. My resignation came as a surprise to My boss, some colleagues and even some staff of the hospital because I was close to being mechanized and be put on government’s pay roll.

When I submitted my letter to the General Office, the hospital secretary took my letter and asked me not to resign and that she is keeping my letter for some days to rescind my decision before she forwards it to Hospital Director. It wasn’t easy for me but I had to resign for these reasons;

  1. I have always had the ambition of doing my own business and I felt time wasn’t on my side because I had spent two years in the hospital after NSS when I got retained there.
  2. My role later became very monotonic, less or no more challenging. I initially loved it because graduating with Economics degree and working in a hospital pharmacy came with great excitement because I learnt new things.
  3. My salary was………. Mmmm, because I needed money to start something, but rent, transportation to/from work was a huge log on my way to save and to think of business.In as much I had reasons to resign, I also had the urge to stay, because out of the number of NSS personnel who got posted to the hospital I was one of the lucky ones about four of us to be retained by the hospital. Also the reception from my boss, colleagues like Ewurama Halley MD King Isaac Quaye Essandoh Lee Opoku .
    I resigned but I’m always grateful 😊!!!”


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