Ghanaians Are Judging Me Wrongly – MzVee

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Mzvee recently revealed in an interview with Joy FM that, she’s looking for a man who’s not only tall, fair and well built but also one with enough money perhaps 30 billion dollars in his account.


According to MzVee who’s 25 years old, she has been single for sometime and now she’s ready to start a relationship but her type of man must be fabulously rich.

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Fast forward and as usual in the Ghanaian setting, MzVee has been under fire following her public declaration in reference to the aforementioned interview. This obviously has not gone down well with MzVee, therefore, she took to Facebook to explain her initial stance of “30 billion requirement”.


She voiced that her comments have been misconstrued by the public. To her, by saying that she wants a man with 30 billion, she actually meant that she wanted “an ambitious man who would not be intimidated by her successes.”


MzVee made a quick u-turn on her earlier comments; now claiming that character does play a role in picking a partner.


“I know that character does play a role in picking a partner, like other factors such as religious orientation, and how the man treats a woman,” she asserted.


The ‘Natural Girl’ hit maker, however, stated that though people might find her comments on money controversial. Regardless of everything money does play a vital role in relationships if one really has the future in mind.

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