“Ghanaians are lucky, they would’ve Paid 17.5% MoMo tax if Mahama was president” – Napo

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Ghana’s Energy Minister, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh On Asempa FM was given the opportunity to offer his ideas on the 2022 budget, which has generated a lot of confusion in parliament recently.

Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh stated that the incumbent government has unquestionably enhanced the livelihood of Ghanaians by introducing a digital economy with the assistance of Vice President Bawumia; otherwise, most financial services would have failed by now.

He furthered that the 1.75 percent ‘momo’ E-levy would help create income in the form of tax for the present administration, hence assisting in the development of the country’s economy in the face of the Covid19 pandemic.

Surprisingly, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh revealed that if former President Mahama had remained in office, Ghanaians would have paid 17.5 percent ‘momo’ tax, but the incumbent party, the NPP, stopped him, so Ghanaians should be grateful to the incumbent government for the 1.75 percent ‘momo’ E-levy highlighted in the 2022 “Agyenkwa” budget.

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“Mahama enacted a 17.5 percent financial transaction statute, which includes the momo tax. If Mahama was still President, Ghanaians would have paid a 17.5 percent MoMo Tax, but the NPP prevented him,” Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh said.


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