‘Ghanaians Are Not Friendly To Nigerians & Liberians’- Irene Logan

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Ghanaian singer, Irene Logan who hails from Liberia but has lived practically her entire life in Ghana has made a controversial statement on social media and we find it hard to understand why she could make such a reckless comment when she has no bases whatsoever.

According to ‘Run Away’ hit maker, Ghanaians are very xenophobic and it runs deep in their blood. She noted that Ghanaians tend to be xenophobic but turn around to condemn such actions happening elsewhere.

Irene added that Ghanaians are particularly hostile to Nigerians and Liberians and says although they appear hospitable, they don’t behave as such.

She wrote;

The depth of xenophobia in Ghana towards other African citizens runs very deep! Especially towards #Nigerians and #Liberians.

Some commenters on her page who are from Liberia and Nigeria told her plainly her statement is incorrect and unfounded.

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