Ghanaians call for the arrest of a father for kïssing his biological daughter passionately in public [Video]

Ghanaians on social media have called for the arrest of a man who was seen passionately kissing his own biological daughter in a public space.

The video which has garnered a lot of mixed reactions on social media was posted by the daughter who saw it as no offense to make it public.

The daughter posted the video she did to celebrate her biological father who also had no issue with what they portrayed in the video which netizens are condemning.

In the said video, the daughter is seen all over her dad was acting clingy and the father to show signs of his unending for his daughter went ahead to give her a passionate kɨss.

People are reading meaning into the kɨss especially when she captioned the video as “My Sugar daddy, my dad, my world, my everything” and made it seem so romantic with one of Daddy Lumba’s love songs in the background.

Fathers taking advantage of their own daughter isn’t a new thing so netizens who see the video as cringing can’t be at fault.

Video below;

Below are some comments by social media users;


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