Ghanaians drag Marwako restaurant on Twitter over alleged food poisoning, after 70 people got ill and admitted at Nyaho Clinic

According to the unanimous thread tying all the comments that have been expressed by the disgruntled customers of the restaurant, they suddenly became ill after purchasing food at Marwako last week.

The first post that triggered the tirade had come from one Edward Elohim who also fell victim to the poisoning. 

Edward had alerted the general public saying; “Nyaho clinic apparently has over 70 patients who all got sick from Marwako. this is crazy”.

Instantly, others came out of their shell to share their experience. See the few ones we gathered for you;

@Nyovi Nyo: Hmm, I thought we were alone. Saturday, @Marwakofastfood East Legon gave me and my family the worst food poisoning ever! A pain I cannot explain. Myself, my husband, my 5year old & 20months old boys. I feel like I could lose my boys. I won’t even say we are recovering because …we are still extremely sick !! In and out of the hospital!! Bills, drips, lots of money, and lots of stress and PAIN !! Cannot go to work, and my sons cannot go to school. The worst sickness ever, and I had to watch my little boys and myself go through this !!! I am ready to go any…

@big mo: omgggg two of my friends are still in the hospital from this. this is crazy

@your majesty: Yo! FR? Thought we were the only ones, We Ate their food on Saturday, May 7, We are still on medication for food poisoning. My sister and I. I think it was from their coleslaw.

@david: I have never trusted their kitchen’s hygiene conditions since I contracted cholera from the Abelenkpe branch in 2014. It was the only meal I had that day. So it was easy to trace.

@print: Guru: My sister, her fiancé, and two other church members were all sent to the hospital on Sunday. My sister is yet to recover

@God is: I have been absent from work for the whole week because i decided to eat at Marwako, hmm When i recover i am definitely taking them on.

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