Ghanaians Failed To Support Me Like They’re Doing To Patapaa – Atom Reloaded Worries

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Recall that Atom Reloaded who’s well-known for the hit song, “yɛ wɔ krom” warned Justice Amoah affectionately called Patapaa that Ghanaians will disown him for he faced similar fate.


According to Atom, Ghanaians lost interest in his stuff after his hit song (yɛ wɔ krom) faded away from the system. It’s in the light of this experience that he cautioned Patapaa to take strategic measures else there will be doom if Ghanaians become fed-up with “One Corner”.

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The era of “One Corner” is arguably out of the system but the artiste behind the viral song, Patapaa is still the talk of Ghanaians or if you like keeps winning. So, it’s as a result of this that Atom Reloaded has accused Ghanaians of sheer hypocrisy.

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Atom Reloaded who sees Ghanaians not rejecting Patapaa anytime soon in an interview with expressed his disappointment in Ghanaians. Atom voiced that;

“After ‘yɛ wɔ krom’ became popular, I didn’t get too comfortable with just that so I released other songs to be relevant in the industry. Even after all these efforts, Ghanaians failed to support me, no attention for my songs anymore, which I suspecting same will happen to Patapaa but he is still on top because Ghanaians are still supporting him.

I released good and significant songs better than songs Patapaa released after his ‘One Corner” but still Ghanaians keep dancing to his songs. I think Ghanaians did not treat me well. But who am I to complain, I’m still doing my best”.

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Well, this is the lamentations of Atom who in the year 2015 registered his name on lips of Ghanaians but fate and time didn’t help him stay relevant for long. As a result, he’s counted among one hit wonders in Ghana whenever bloggers are making the list.