Saturday, December 5, 2020

Some Ghanaians Are Legendary In Fooling: See Funny Responses They Gave When Asked; “Why Do Amphibians Return To Water To Lay Their Eggs?”

The 2018 National Maths & Science quiz is ongoing and the quiz programmed organized for students in secondary school has gained the needed popularity with the power of Social Media. As usual, the NSMQ posted one of the questions of the day on their Facebook page to get responses from the general public and one could lose his rib while reading the comments. monitored some of these funny responses from the public on Social media in regards to the question asked and we just couldn’t stop laughing at some of the answers.

Trust Ghanaians, to make fun out of everything and this one is no different. See some of the funny responses to the question below:

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So what was the question?

Why Do Amphibians Return To Water To Lay Their Eggs?

This OB Amponsah guy proved why’s he’s a comedian—Herh!

Hehehehehehehehe, More fooling

Oh Noooo! I give up!

This one is Donald Trump’s friend

Clap for this one—I thought he was about to say something sensible

Yes, this one had an E in Science

Please, someone, shift and let me just faint

Well, that’s not all, head over the NSMQ Facebook page for more hilarious comments. SHARE this story if you loved it.


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