Ghanaians share outrageous fees been charged by private schools in Accra; call for gov’t’s intervention

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Ghanaians share outrageous fees charged by private schools in Accra; call for gov't's intervention

Concerned Ghanaians have shared fees been charged by private schools in Accra ahead of the reopening of schools after a long closure due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

These fees can only be described as outrageous based on the quantum of money parents are to pay for virtually everything their wards needs for as a new academic term starts.

These fees which have shared on social media have generated a concerted call from parents to the government to address the high fees been charged by schools, especially in Accra.

Two of these fees which have been shared by Ghanaians on social media and seen by are certainly mind-blowing.

One of these schools is asking parents to pay as high as GHS5,785 for Admission & Registration for their wards at the Kindergarten and Primary level. While they also have to pay whopping GHS3,385 for tuition for just a term.

Other optional fees to be paid for include Lunch – GHS650 per term and Bus Service – GHS700 – 900 per term. Also, Swimming goes for GHS350.

Other fees form seen by us is that of the Roman Ridge School where parents are expected to pay GHS575 as Registration Fee and GHS20,125 as Admission Fee.

Meanwhile, parents will also have to pay GHS10,580, GHS 12,568 and GHS13,255 for the wards at the Reception – Class 6, Form 1 – Form 5 and Sith Form respectively.

Meanwhile, the Lincoln Community School (LCS) is currently Ghana’s most expensive private school. With Its Annual Tuition Fee over $20,000 (GHC100,000). The school’s campus can be located at Abelempke, Accra Ghana.

Check Out Some Of The Reactions From Ghanaians Below:

Abbssss wrote: The tuition fee is killing me bc these kids don’t learn anything. they sleep like they worked throughout the night and when you give them pencil to write they’ll cry like you’ve beaten them.

ChiChi wrote: And then the child will come and ask you to do homework for him. The way I’ll slap your head ern it’ll reset

Star Daddy wrote: We need to normalize cluster home schooling, 5-10 friends with kids within a 2-3 age range can pay a team of 3/4 Teachers to school their kids in an agreed location. A lot of logistics but if we can pull it off, not only it be hella affordable but your kids grow in a safe space

Adde wrote: In Most of these expensive schools, the teachers do everything for the kids, do all the research and get all the notes for them, so when da kids get to Shs or Uni where the teachers don’t go extra, they start fumbling cos they not used to it, from experience.

Kojo Ayeh wrote: This is not very expensive if you divide it….. if you’re able to clear all that cost in the child’s first year of schooling, you’d have three years to save up some money which can go into other investments or projects and bring more money to continue tuition for the kid.

Kobby wrote: The way some schools are taking advantage of the covid situation to hand out huge fees no erh.. Shouldn’t they at least be considerate towards folks coz of this same covid situation?

Mier wrote: What annoys me the most is, after paying all this huge sums of money, most of them end up at Leg, tech n co with the people who went to syto schools. Was thinking they’ll actually fly to some Oxford university or some Harvard sef

What’s your view on this as a parent?








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