“Ghanaians voted for change” – NDC supporters stage heavy protest in Tamale against 2020 election results [Photos]

"Ghanaians voted for change" – NDC supporters stage heavy protest in Tamale against 2020 election results [Photos]

Despite earlier police caution barring their action, hundreds of members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) today December 16, 2020, staged a heavy protest in Tamale against the 2020 election results declaration.

According to these teeming supporters, the Electoral Commission (NDC) manipulated the election figures and cooked up numbers to favour the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP) hence they are not accepting the results until it is overturned.

Clad in black and red with touches of party colours, these supporters burned tyres and held out placards with several inscriptions demanding an immediate redraw of the earlier election results as announced by the EC.

The National Vice Chairman of the NDC  Chief Sofo Azorka, who happens to have his base in the Northern Region spearheaded the protest and in an interaction with the media said:

“We Ghanaians and NDC members are ready to let President Akufo-Addo know that the country is a peaceful country, and we won’t allow him to toil with it, and we will resist any attempts to subvert the will of the people.”

On Tuesday Wednesday 15 2020 hundreds of NDC women in the Ashanti Region capital Kumasi staged a demonstration to demand the rectification of the election results.

Led by the National Women’s Organizer Hanna Bissiw, these women had wanted to visit the EC office to register their displeasure.

Meanwhile, there have been a series of election-related protest all across the country where these people believe the election figures were tampered with by the EC. What does this mean for Ghana’a democracy?

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