Ghanaians will continue to suffer because God runs everything in Ghana – Sony Achiba

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The truth is, Africans especially Ghanaians are notoriously religious and religion permeates into all the departments of life so that it is not easy or possible to isolate it.

These words were written in 1969 by Kenyan philosopher and Anglican priest John Mbiti in his seminal book African Religions and Philosophy.

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And coincidentally, singer Sony Achiba recently re-echoed that in the studios of Onua FM with Felicia Osei on the “Adwuma Adwuma” show.

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Sony Achiba claims that the people and government of Ghana have abandoned reason in favor of praying to God for answers to issues that require common sense and that things will remain the same until God is given His proper place in the affairs of the nation.

To demonstrate how inactive and careless some Ghanaian leaders had been over the years, he gave examples of some long-standing problems the nation had faced that had not been addressed for decades.

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As a reminder, Sony Achiba born Emmanuel John Bandick Dankwa is a Ghanaian-born British hiplife artist and dancer. He is the first Ghanaian to combine hip hop, hi-life and Indian styles of music in Ghana and beyond.


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