GHBASE EXCLUSIVE: Criss Waddle Tells Us Why He Recorded ‘OPANA’ And The Reason Will Stun You

Criss Waddle who is the CEO of AMG Business has finally opened up on why he recorded his latest song OPANA which most people intuited to be a ‘diss’ song.

The song is barely a week old but has received lots of downloads as the title itself is a term that will trigger you download and listen. In an exclusive interview Sammy Tuga of had with AMG CEO Criss Waddle,he confirmed that OPANA is not a ‘diss’ song to any artiste but he (Criss Waddle) is best at constructing damaging lines that would showcase the disrespectful side of his talent.


He continued by saying  he only teased in the song knowing very well that Shatta Wale hates to be teased. Criss Waddle stated that he wouldn’t ‘diss’ any one for no reason but thinks that teasing rather makes the industry more fun,than recording ‘diss’ songs to heat up arguments.


It could be recalled that Dr. Pounds had an interview with Criss Waddle some few days ago before the release of OPANA. Surprisingly, Waddle did not mention anything about releasing the song the next day. This propelled me to ask why he didn’t announce the release of OPANA when been interviewed by Dr. Pounds on Hitz Fm.


Criss Waddle exclusively said that he never planned on releasing the song as at when it was released but rather,it was leaked . He calmly said,

Sometimes people in our team can’t wait for the right time and the right moment to do the right thing. OPANA is a song i recorded to tease Wale in case he rather releases a diss song and awaits my reply.

My reply would be me teasing him and not dissing him as people would expect”

This is Criss Waddle’s reason for recording OPANA. Anyway,what do you think of the song? Watchout for a vox pop on what several music lovers think of Criss Waddle’s Opana, soon on our youtube channel.

Watch the music video for Bie Gya by Criss Waddle ft Stonebwoy below:



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