What Ghc10 Million Means To Shatta Wale & Bull Dog And Why Samini Is In Schadenfreude

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When news broke out that Charter House, organisers of the Vodafone Music Awards and owners of GhOne Television have sued dancehall artiste Shatta Wale for defamation with damages of ghc10,000,000 the camp of theb artiste have not yet shown any signs of weakness, for them they see that amount as peanuts.

The artiste even went to the studio to record a whole song to reply Charter House, titled “Dem Broke” and umm, i have reasons to agree with him on that. I do not like how Shatta Wale has chosen to address his grievances, irrespective of the problems, you have with any individual or organisation, you can still make your point without necessarily using prohibited words. It damages your moral image as an artiste. Of course, you are sure to get people to support you, which is why most of his fans sees nothing wrong with it, and they have become ambassadors themselves lashing those same words their role model uses on anyone who offends him. I cannot blame them. I say i  have reasons to agree with Shatta Wale because the amount Charter House was demanding for damages is just too much, it’s like they want to declare Shatta Wale, Bull Dog and the whole Shatta Movement bankrupt! I was just wondering, if they indeed intended to write 10 million old cedis or ghc100,000 or they really meant the Ghc10 million. That’s almost some $3.3 million dollars and it’s an absurd amount for them to charge him. How many dollars did they use in setting up GhOne and Charter House itself? It appears they really need that money to do some facelift of their tv station or perhaps well, just to make Shatta Wale regret ever dissing them. Hmmm, i am not a law expert, so i wont say much about this, because if they sue my ass and ask for even 500ghc, they will have to sell me….lol, let’s wait and see what will become of this case in the coming weeks.

Moving on, Samini who also seems to have a long feud with Shatta Wale, appears to be in a schadenfreude over this whole issue. He’s tweeted several times ever since this whole thing came, mocking Shatta (See those tweets here) and just like expected there was a reply from the Bull Haus and Shatta Camp. Fans acting as tho they are paid to fight each other also took to social media to defend their loyal role models. Manager of Shatta Wale seems to have no trouble with the amount they were being charged for defamation and also took to his facebook page to reply Samini,

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Shatta Wale you are large…. If they were to sue the ‪#‎pitoboys‬ it will have been for chicken change cuz “DemBroke” http://www.mediafire.com/?ul1gsq46rdwceia


then he posted this image with the caption attached.

Hahahahahahahahaha.... Observers are worried... Or you say ‪#‎pitoboys‬ are!!!!
Observers are worried… Or you say ‪#‎pitoboys‬ are!!!!
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Well, those are some bunch amounts of foreign currencies mostly pounds or euros with some $100 too flying through. I cannot say if Shatta Wale and Bull Dog are worth more than the amount they are being charged, but that amount in the picture i doubt will amount to even $1 million. Of course, they cannot put all of the money on social media but i think it was very very unneccesary of Bull Dog to have posted that picture. Apparently, Shatta Wale also posted a picture of him holding some bag and we don’t know the amount that’s in, but he looks confident holding it. You are aware Shatta Wale is an ambassador of Guinness for their #madeofblack campaign and that endorsement too has brought in some huge money for him already. I am not sure of the amoun but then i am certain it won’t be anything below $500,000.


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The Big Question? Can they pay incase Charter House Wins??

In my own opinion, i do not think, Shatta Wale will be smiling again after paying $3.3 million. We are not in the states where an artiste is paid $1 million and above per show, sometimes the highest our artistes earn when called to perform is some $30,000 and even that such an artiste must be very Big and the event too a big one. I also do not think, they will go to court without defending themselves, they sure will have some good lawyers who will defend his client and in the end maybe the amount will be struck down or perhaps charter House will loose the case. Let’s just assume Charter House wins the case, i think the Shatta Movement team will still be able to pay, afterall Shatta Wale be billionaire and most of th things he has done was not just fighting for himself but also some of his colleagues in the industry who are not treated well, will contribute to help him out.

In conclusion, i doubt this case will have the strength to survive! Are we not in Ghana? Let’s wait and see.

I like both of them, they are good artistes, i love some of their songs, and i dance to it. We just would want peace in this industry, but ummm, it appears it’s not coming anytime soon. Let’s just wait and see, time will certainly tell.


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