“Ghosts and skeletons at Tafo cemetery are chasing me in my dream, pray for me”- Kumawood actor cries out after celebrating birthday in a cemetery

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Samuel Nkrumah of Kumawood Films fame has confessed that he can’t sleep because he chose to spend his birthday in a cemetery.

Ghanaians were shocked when photos from his birthday party were posted online. He said he did that because he wanted the people of Ghana to know that a birthday means a person is closer to dying than they think.

During the actor’s birthday party, his girlfriend fainted just as he was about to ask her to marry him. This happened after Remes Kay proposed to her by coming out of a coffin.

He said about his awkward birthday party, “I didn’t want to talk about it, but let me use this chance so that if anyone has any prayers or help, they can offer it.” “.

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“I got out a ring to ask my girlfriend to marry me. I got down on one knee in front of her with the ring and asked, “Will you marry me?” Samuel Nkrumah told GhPage, “She crossed her arms across her chest and fell down.”

He said, “Yes, he agreed to lie (in the coffin) because if you don’t make what you do look real, everyone who sees it will think it’s a joke. But if you want it to look as real as possible, you have to get all the props you need. We know we can’t go to the cemetery without a coffin. Since we’re going to the cemetery to celebrate a birthday, we need to bring a coffin with us.”

Kumawood actor Samuel Nkrumah celebrates birthday at the cemetery
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He talked about how the act has been making him feel “I feel like I’ve left my body when I sleep, and someone is bringing me back to my room. I hear sounds that sound like someone is trying to open my door by shaking it. I sometimes feel like someone is looking for me and calling my name over and over again.

“Someone opened my door this morning and said, “Come on, they’re waiting for us.” When I opened my curtains, I saw two people with their backs to me standing outside. So, I’ve tried to call my pastor, but he doesn’t answer.

“I don’t regret it because we were trying to get a message across. Once you have a life, you should look for God so that you won’t be sad when you die. Samuel Nkrumah stood his ground and said, “This message is why I’m here.”


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