Gia Zavala Damon: Meet Matt Damon’s lovely daughter

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Does the name Damon give you a clue about who Gia Zavala is? It should, I think, but if it doesn’t there is no penalty to that, however, it would interest you to know that Gia Zavala Damon is the lovely daughter of actor Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana.

Gia Zavala was born some thirteen years ago but has become very popular by virtue of her father being a household name. People who have engagements with celebrities like Matt Damon, often get popular too and that is the case with Gia Zavala Damon whose father is Matt Damon.

Gia Zavala Damon
Gia Damon in the middle | Source: Hollywood Zam

In this article, we aren’t talking a great deal about her parents, we are talking about Gia Zavala Damon, but to make you appreciate things more, we will give you just a gist about the lovely girl’s parents.

Who is Gia Zavala Damon father?

Gia Zavala Damon
Matt Damon, Gia’s father | source: Variety

Matt Damon is the father of Gia Zavala Damon.

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Matthew Paige Damon was born on October 8, 1970.

is an American actor, producer, and screenwriter.

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Ranked among Forbes’ most bankable stars, the films in which he has appeared have collectively earned over $3.88 billion at the North American box office, making him one of the highest-grossing actors of all time.

He is the recipient of various accolades, including two Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award from five nominations.

Damon entered Harvard in 1988, where he appeared in student theater plays, such as Burn This and A… My Name is Alice.

Later, he made his film debut at the age of 18, with a single line of dialogue in the romantic comedy Mystic Pizza

Who is Gia Zavala Damon mother?

Gia Zavala Damon
Luciana and Damon | source: Vogue

Luciana Barroso is the mother of Gia Zavala Damon.

Luciana Barroso was born in 1976 in Salta, Argentina as Luciana Bozan.

Her mother was a housekeeper, while her father worked as an insurance agent.

Luciana’s parents divorced after she was born.

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso have two different versions of how they met.

According to Matt Damon, he met Luciana in 2003 when he was filming Stuck On You.

Damon and his crew went to have a drink in a bar where Luciana happened to be the bartender.

Who is Gia Zavala Damon?

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso , Gia’s parents | source: POPSUGAR

Now, this question is very easy to answer–Gia Zavala Damon is the daughter of actor Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana Barroso.

was born on August 20, 2008.

The cute Gia is the second child of Matt Damon together with his wife Luciana Barroso.

Gia Zavala is the third daughter among all four daughters Matt and Luciana have.

Her older sister is Isabella Damon, and her younger sister is Stella Damon.

The couple of Matt and Luciana is also parents to Alexia Barroso born in 1999: Luciana’s daughter from her previous marriage.

Luciana Barroso: Exciting sneak peek of who Matt Damon’s wife is

Gia Zavala Daman was the name that Matt gave to his daughter.

What does the name Gia mean?

Well, Gia is an Italian name for a girl which is a short form of Gianna.

Its meaning is God’s gracious gift.

Similarly, Zavala is a surname which is referred to a person who comes from Zawada.

Gia Damon is growing very fast and as she grows, more things would be told about her to you, including if she decides to take after her father and go into movie acting.

Now, though, there is not much to be said about her, partly because her parents of those of the celebrities out there who don’t want his family matters being talked about in the media.


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