Giannina Maradona bio: All to know about Sergio Aguero’s ex-wife

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Who is Giannina Maradona?

Giannina Maradona is a well-known Argentine fashion designer, businesswoman, social media influencer, celebrity relative, and entrepreneur from Buenos Aires.

She was born on May 16, 1989, making her 32 years old. Giannina is well known throughout the nation for being Diego Maradona’s daughter. Diego Maradona was a well-known Argentine professional football player and manager.

On November 25, 2020, Diego passed away at 60. A heart attack claimed his life. Giannina, his daughter, is a well-known businesswoman and entrepreneur, on the other hand. Her social media profiles indicate that she designs jewellery. She has also posted pictures of her many jewellery designs on social media. She has also appeared in numerous TV series as a TV personality in addition to this.

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She has also appeared in the biopic on Diego Maradona. Giannina is best known for being Sergio Agüero’s ex-wife, a well-known football star. According to media reports, Sergio declared his retirement from football in December 2021 due to a heart ailment.

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Giannina Maradona bio

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On May 16, 1989, Giannina Maradona was born in Buenos Aires. She was born into a Roman Catholic household. Gianinna Dinorah Maradona is 33 years old as of her birth date (as of 2022). She is the eldest of Diego Maradona’s children.

Although little is known about Giannina’s early years, it is known that she and her father had a tense relationship. However, the family’s PR staff kept quiet about this information because it was highly contentious at the time and should not have been released to the media.

Giannina’s youth has not received much attention, but she has undoubtedly drawn her supporters to her adult life.

Giannina Maradona parents

Diego Maradona, Giannina Maradona’s father, was a well-known Argentine soccer player. Her sister, Dalma Maradona, is an Argentine actress, and her mother, Claudia Villafae, is a producer and businessman.

Giannina Maradona siblings

Five half-brothers and one half-sister make up her six half-siblings. Jana Maradona, her half-sister, is a lingerie model and was born in 1996.

Diego Sinagra, her half-brother, was the offspring of the famed Argentine football player Diego Maradona and Cristiana Sinagra, a young local lady and Italian model, in 1986.

Diego Fernando, her other half-brother, is a product of Diego Maradona’s union with Veronica Ojeda.

Her other half-siblings go by the names of Santiago Lara, Joana, Lu, and Javierito.

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Giannina Maradona education

She finished her schooling at Diseo Textile Indumentaria, according to the sources. She then started working in the textile industry.

Giannina Maradona marriage

Sergio Agüero, an Argentine professional football player who played as a striker for Premier League club Manchester City and the Argentine national team, and Giannina Maradona got married in 2008. The couple gave birth to Benjamin Agüero Maradona in 2009. The pair eventually divorced and separated in 2012.

The couple’s decision to separate for unknown reasons is not given in detail. Giannina’s relationship with her father grew during this time, after which he referred to his ex-son-in-law as a “wimp” for breaking his daughter’s heart on social media.

Sergio and Giannina had a child together who later moved in with his mother. Again, this led to a lot of problems in Giannina’s life because she was accused of being a terrible woman for removing the boy from his father. She did not, however, publicly address the matter. Her current relationship with her ex-husband is still unclear to us.

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