Gilbert Gottfried wife

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Gilbert Gottfried wife – Dara Kravitz

Just like any other man who at a point in time finds a partner to spend the rest of his life with, Gilbert Gottfried found love in Dara Kravitz, a woman he met in late 1990s at a Grammy Awards Party.

It looks like love at first sight for the couple who quickly fell in love with each other and dated several years in happiness without any form of controversies hitting the internet about their union.

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In 2007, the two finally decided to take their relationship to the very top level with marriage. They got married in a glamour ceremony that was attended by love ones and fellow industry mates.

Who is Gilbert Gottfried Wife Dara Kravitz?

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Dara Kravitz is a hardworking woman who well established herself as an American film producer, a radio podcaster who is largely recognized for being the voice of the parrot in the Disney series Aladdin.

You might know Dara Kravitz as a celebrity Wife to popular stand up Comedian Gilbert Gottfried but she is more than just that title even though everyone will admit that was one of the tags that put her into the limelight.

gilbert gottfried wife
Gilbert Gottfried and his wife Dara Kravitz

How well do you know her husband Gilbert? Let’s take a moment and go deep into the life of the Actor.

Who is Gilbert Gottfried?

Gilbert Gottfried was an American actor and a stand-up comedian Born on the 28th Day of February 1955 in Brooklyn, New York of the United States of America.

He is the son of Lillian Zimmerman, a homemaker and hardware store owner Max Gottfried


Many are blessed to the extent that they discover their talent at a very tender age and start working towards it before growing up and Gilbert happens to be one of those blessed people. Gottfried began performing stand-up comedy when he was just 15 years old.

Most of his early comedy moments took place in New York, where he was born and raised After impressing many with his Comic actions, he was eventually nicknamed and became very known in the area as a “comedian’s comedian.

Having already established a name for himself as one of the highly rated Comedians out there the World should be looking up to, Gilbert shifted part of his concentration to becoming a professional Actor who will go on to feature in many movies.

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Gilbert wasn’t that regular in Acting compared to His Comedy vibes but Three of his most prominent roles in the movie scene came in 1990, 1991, and 1992, when he was cast as the adoption agent Igor Peabody in “Problem Child” and “Problem Child 2” before wrapping it up with the parrot Iago in the movie “Aladdin”.

Before these three prominent movies, Gottfried already made strong appearances in The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys, as well as the voice of Jerry the Belly Button Elf on Ren and Stimpy.


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