Gino Odjick Death, Parents, Siblings, Children, Wife, Net Worth

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Wayne Gino Odjick is his real name. Gino Odjick was a Canadian Ice Hockey player who played in the pros.

During his twelve-year career in the National Hockey League, he played as a left winger.

Gino played for the Vancouver Canucks, the New York Islanders, the Philadelphia Flyers, and the Montreal Canadiens from 1990 to 2002.

Gino Odjick Cause of Death

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Gino Odjick is said to have died from a Heart attack. His friend Peter Leech was the one who announced his death.

“He had a heart attack, and couldn’t recover from it. We knew this day was going to come, but we didn’t know when. We were hoping much later,” Leech told Postmedia by phone.

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“He collapsed in the clinic, thank god the nurses were there. They worked on him for 45 minutes,” Leech told Postmedia. “It was tough to watch.”

Gino Odjick Age: How Old Was Gino Odjick?

Gino Odjick came into the world on September 7th, 1970. He was born in Maniwaki, Canada.

Gino Odjick Wife: Was Gino Odjick married?

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Jolene Odjick was Gino’s wife when they were married. There is not a lot of information available regarding Gino’s wife.

Gino Odjick Children: Who Are Bure Odjick and Tobias Commanda-Odjick?

Gino’s first marriage resulted in the birth of two children. Bure Odjick and Tobias Commanda-Odjick are the names of the two children.

Gino Odjick Height

Gino stands 6ft 3in tall.


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