Girl Who Made Rape Allegations Against KKD Refusing To Appear Before Court?

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A close source has hinted that the 19 year old girl, Effe Orleans Thompson, who made an allegation against ace broadcaster and communication savvy, KKD, is seriously refusing to appear before court to testify in open court that KKD raped her.

According to the source, the girl has been glum and temperamental all these while. She appears as one who has regretted an action taken against another. “Effe Orleans Thompson has refused to appear in court because she is being coerced to claim rape – a situation she finds unfortunate because she had consensual sex with another adult” the source told

The source further disclosed that “she backed out from day one but changed her mind after the coercion. She did not make the report. Two guys did. Her first words when she was hurled before the police were that ‘I wasn’t raped.”

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The girl is being taken care of by a guardian and not her biological parents. The guardian is the one who solely provides for the girl – due to that, there is serious pressure on her to admit in open court that KKD raped her – else, her chances of being catered for could be affected. However, the family of the girl is affluent by all standards.

KKD has been locked up at a police cell since 27th December, 2014 following a rape complaint that was filed at the Airport Police against him. Kwesi Kyei Darkwah has come out to confirm he had seksual intercourse with the girl in the bathroom of his hotel few hours after meeting her at a fashion event—but the ‘seks’ was consensual.

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On 30th December, KKD appeared at an Accra Magistrate Court, and a bail request by his legal counsel was denied—with the court holding that, rape is a non-bailable offence in Ghana. Kwesi Kyei Darkwa’s rape case has been adjourned again to January 22, 2015 by an Accra Magistrate court presided over by Justice Adwoa Akyaamaa Ofosu.


The source virtually pleaded we don’t indicate his or her name or describe his persona in any way or form in this publication because it’s a serious issue the family of the 19 year old girl are battling behind the scene. is still noosing around the camp of the girl for more updates. Until then…..MOTWUM!!

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