Girlfriend shamefully disciplines her boyfriend for proposing to her at the market place [Video]

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While numerous ladies will prefer to have a public proposal to affirm to affirm the love their partner’s have for them, others go about disgracing their boyfriends who take the knee.

Most often a lady will drool over a man who takes the knee to propose in public or private.

The lady in the video had other intentions when her decided to assure her of his readiness to settle down with her by proposing to her in a public space.

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The guy had accompanied his girlfriend to a market in Lagos to buy foodstuffs.

Whiles going around looking for stuffs to buy, he bent his knees in front of the girlfriend and pulled out a ring.

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As the market women watch on, the guy asked the girlfriend if she will marry him.

The girl had none of the public proposal as she viewed it as public embarrassment.

She scolded the guy right in front of all the market women and buyers at large.

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Video below;


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