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Prince David Osei is one of Ghana’s few actors who have managed to break into the European movie market.prince_david_osei1H PRESSURE

His popularity soared in 2010 when he starred in The Dead, a zombie horror film.

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In this interview with NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo, David spoke about his new international movie, ‘Nanameansking’ directed by a Ghanaian in the UK, the massive pressure he gets from his female fans and the fact that  he will not hesitate to act nude if the role is relevant to the story and makes sense to him. Please read on:


How did your Valentine celebration go on Friday?

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Sadly I am not a fan of Val’s Day but I had lunch at Movenpick with loved ones and proceeded to church in the evening. Boring I guess.


Any specific reason why you are not a fan of Val’s Day?

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Don’t believe a date should be set aside for me to show my love. I do it on a daily basis.


Sounds like you are a love expert.

Say that again ha ha ha.


How true is the assertion that public figures are not committed to one lover and are promiscuous?
It’s funny how people judge public figures because we are exposed. People who are not in the public eyes do worse things but it’s cool because they are not known. On the promiscuity issue, it depends; when you see me with a girl it doesn’t necessarily mean I am sleeping with her. She might be a friend, my sister or my aunty. I won’t lie though that the pressure from female fans is massive. But I remain professional. I don’t fraternize with them. It’s just normal for women to adore and appreciate stars or public figures because of fame but it’s not true we are promiscuous; we don’t misbehave because we know the spotlight is on us.
How do you deal with pressure from ladies?

Sometimes I am nice and chat with them. Sometimes too I could be extremely rude (lol) when they pressure me too much. I take it normal and understand the fact that if I wasn’t a star they won’t love me.


Who is the woman in David’s life?

See this guy oooh (laugh). No woman for now.

That’s not true.



Who is the beautiful female who has been guiding you lately?

My issue is complicated bro. That’s my manager. But soon, I will settle down.


How is the year 2014 going?

Well, I am about to shoot my own movie. I have a lot of travels to do to the US and Europe. I have movie premieres to attend in US, and Europe for the movie Nanameansking. I also have my humanitarian work to do as Ambassador for United Against Child Poverty campaign in Africa. I have projects and movies to shoot both locally and internationally. 2014, so far, so good. It is packed. Thanks to God.


What will you consider your biggest achievement last year?
Nanameansking movie and winning the hottest Nollywood Actor City People award, PAMSAA award, Nigeria, Most Favourite Actor of the year at Ghana Movie Awards 2013.

What do awards mean to you?


Why did you choose acting career?

I didn’t choose acting, it chose me (laugh).

I had the passion from teenage days but didn’t know I could make a living out of it.


How did you finally enter?

I entered through TV commercials and the help of Ivan Quashigah who gave me my maiden appearance in his series Fortune Island.


So far which movie has been your biggest production?
The Dead followed by Nanameansking.


We don’t know about Nanameansking.

That’s my latest movie. It was shot in London December and will premiere in April.


Why do you consider it a major movie?

Because I played the lead and the role I played is different from every role I have ever played. It is very emotional. It is not the lover boy kind of role. This movie stars actors from Ukraine, Brazil, Germany, London, Italy, South Africa and Canada. It is directed by a Ghanaian in the UK. There is more information on the website


I’m wondering what your role is about.

You can find character profile and expectation on the site. I played the role of an illegal immigrant in UK.

Have you ever regretted playing any role in your career?
Sure, when I first started acting. I was naïve then. I was naïve because I had just joined the industry so I see it as normal. In every endeavour you will make mistakes and grow later.

What was bad about those roles?

The whole production didn’t make sense, not just the role. That’s why now I’m very selective.  Sometimes actors are criticised over roles they play. People judge me by the wicked and lover-boy roles. What I do in movies is not who I am. It’s an act. I guess I do it convincingly, that’s why I get such feedback.

Is there a particular role that people criticise you about?
The role I played in Heart Of Men.


Has Prince played nude before?

Yea in the movies; Dons Of Sakawa and Crazy.

Will you play such a role again?

If connected to the story and makes real sense.

What do you consider about a script before accepting roles?

Storyline and character.


Tell us about Prince David the teenager and his schools.
I attended De Youngsters School, Accra High School and finally to the University of Ghana, Legon. As a teenager, I was a bit troublesome.

Where is David from?

I am from Konongo and Asante Bekwai.

What are some of your childhood memories?
Playing football, very stubborn (laugh) but studious. Very precocious as a teenager.


What makes David different from other actors?
My mindset, my belief, my personality and the acknowledgement of the fact that without God I’m nothing and wouldn’t have come this far.


What opinions do you want to share about the movie industry?
It’s a great industry that helps to project the culture, norms and tradition of Ghana but I think presently our industry is going down. We need funds. We lack good and dedicated producers and filmmakers.


What are they not doing right and what’s the way forward?
We need high level production cinematic films, good storylines that will address societal ills and project the positive image of Ghana. We can only achieve this with money and producers who understand the game.


Is it a big deal for Ghanaians to act in Nollywood?
I have done quite a number of movies in Nollywood. The reason I don’t feature more has got to do with money issues. Producers there always want to swindle.


Thanks for your time.

Cheers, pleasure is mine.


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