“Girls Who Use The ‘Don’t Be Stingy’ Statement On Men Are Satanic Destiny Destroyers,”-Reno Omokri

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You will know she is in to destroy your destiny if she is fond of using the phrase, ‘don’t be stingy’ on you more often; not my words, this is according to Nigerian author, Reno Omokri.

He is of the opinion that girls who use that statement are “satanic destiny destroyers”, and that men should not be too weak to fall for that crap.

Reno Omokri even delved into scripture to solidify his point that those who say that ae satanic as he cited a quotation in the Bible that frowns on girls who say that.

He is thereby admonishing men to mark and avoid such girls permanently to preserve their destinies.

“Don’t be that weak man who is easily manipulated by ‘don’t be stingy’.

Girls who use that lines are satanic destiny destroyers.

Scripture warns of such evil women in Ecclesiastes 7:26. Warns a girl uses that line, mark and permanently avoid her!” Reno Omokri wrote.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, where Reno Omokri hails from, there is a stingy men association of which someone has dragged him into it by designing an identity card for him which he thinks he doesn’t deserve as he is not stingy.

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